The importance of the Traditional family or Traditional community.

The social structure and cultural norms that we have today are the result of hundreds of thousands of years of war and luck and conquest. It is not simply by chance and it does have a lot to say about what it takes to survive through some of life’s most harsh conditions, through famine, war and all of the other horrible things that we as humans can face. The cultural norms that led to better societies survived for a reason. Societies that were Christian, Muslim, Hindu etc., those that had monogamy survived for a reason. They were the fittest societies and they won the most wars.

The traditional family unit is one in which the parents are either married or intend to spend the rest of their lives together and furthermore one in which the female’s main focus is the children while the male’s main focus is economic resources. The traditional community is one in which three generations typically live under the same roof and children have regular access to aunts, uncles, grandparents or simply a wide range of adults who contribute to family life on a daily basis.

This type of setting is a very good breeding ground because it is efficient, mostly consistent with our biology and it ensures that children have access to male and female role models who both contribute positively to family life and to society in general. It is consistent with our evolutionary history in that it allows women to be near their children and also ensures that can develop normally and happily. It also allows fathers to invest in their children and the investments that fathers have made in their children and in society on behalf of their  families in many ways has shaped and does shape society for the better.

The traditional family/community provides an ideal platform for children to find role models who love them. School and daycare can also be great environments but in my opinion they are not as good as the home environment not only because parents are more likely to show their children love than teachers and nannies but also because women have evolved to exist and find happiness within an environment in which they have access to their children.

Throughout human evolution people have almost always lived with daily access to other members of the community and I think that is one major reason why the concept of stay at home mother does not work well with women and children in today’s society. Both women and children miss and long for a more communal setting than the suburbs or a quite apartment can offer.

When aunts and uncles and grandparents and children and strangers all lived under the same roof mothers and children were not bored at home; but consumerism killed the community and being a stay at home mother did become boring. And today in exactly the same way that consumerism killed the community; the traditional family unit is under the attack of liberalism. And if it does die my only concern is that it is replaced with another system which allows children to find role-models along sexist lines.

If we fail to provide society with this type of structure biology and nature will do it for us, mothers will end up raising kids and boys will become marginalized because they lack proper role models. Women will become loose, and when there are no dependable men the word father will become a word from the past.  Have you ever seen the show ”Maury” where women are unable to identify the father of their child? In the name of liberalism that can easily become the norm.

Marriages OR life-long commitments between men and women are therefore important in situations where children are present. Gender roles within a marriage or communal setting are equally as important as at some point children naturally seek out gender roles and seek to emulate them and the gender roles within the traditional family setting promote long relationships and productive lifestyles. In conclusion without the traditional family or community children suffer because they lack adequate access to role models from each gender. Without identifying one’s role it is harder for young people to structure their lives and they are less productive as a result (this is false read this change of view post).


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