Disclaimer: To all the feminists and MRA out there.

This entire website and everything written it is is a response to the way that feminists and MRAs have been demonizing the patriarchy and the traditional lifestyle. If you personally have not been doing either of those things, if you personally do show respect for people who choose the traditional/patriarchal lifestyle then this website is not directed to you. This website was written as a response as a way of fighting back against those who attack marriage, gender roles, stay at home motherhood, housewives as if these things are not all rational and very valid choices.

Also, although my traditional views are that society needs and always ends up with some sort of structure may be anti-liberal at its core I still respect and support your right to a different opinion and to a different lifestyle choice. See my post on Liberal Traditionalism. I do not advocate for laws that limit people’s life-style choices, but I am hoping that the majority of people if allowed to freely explore these topics will come to similar conclusions as I have. I am hoping that the majority of people will find that they are things under the realm of traditionalism worth keeping.

And that does not mean that I wish women would stop working completely, but I do wish we as a society would find it acceptable for women to prioritize their children over their careers in all ways because I think it benefits society, it benefits women and it benefits children. My views are dynamic though, as I learn more I change my views so this is my current view I will see what tomorrow brings.

Just know that if you are happy living a non-traditional lifestyle; I am happy for you and I support you! These are simply my opinions based on observations that I have made about what I think it would take to make most people happy. If you have another method that works for you in my opinion you are not the average person; and that is not a bad thing. Feel free to share your opinions here but just know that I am in no way opposing your life style choices.


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