What is secular traditionalism?

Secular traditionalism is the idea that the traditional family unit and traditional values in general are good for society because several aspects of our biology indicate that a large portion of society would be most happy on both a personal and societal level if we keep traditional values.

By traditional values I mean marital values and sexist values, and by traditional family unit I mean one in which the father is the main breadwinner/leader and the mother’s focus is the children. I use the term traditional mainly because I think the family structure that I am speaking about has to be learnt or passed from one generation to the next and that naturally humans would structure families and therefore society differently. Monogamous relationships are also central to the traditional family unit and I do not think we are biologically inclined to these types of relationships.

Secular traditionalism is also simply my thoughts on how traditional values benefit both the individual and society, and I am not religious hence the name:  the Secular Traditionalist.


This post is a summary of my thoughts as it is today.

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