The Past verses the Present; how our how biology has been designed for a world that no longer exist.

Have you ever felt really nervous? Nervous to go an talk to a girl, or nervous about entering an important exam, or about getting exam results, or about confronting a someone?? Do you know that feeling you get in your stomach when it knots? Do know know what it is? It is your stomach emptying itself of blood and sending blood to your limbs. Do you know why your stomach does this? Because in a time before today our ancestors did not get nervous for exams or talking to people, they got nervous when they needed to run from an animal or a threat. That is why your stomach knots and to me that is a perfect example of how our bodies are created for a time that no longer exist!

Humans biology and psychology is the result of thousands of years of evolution. For thousands of years humans have had to live without the scientific advancements available today. Let us look into detail at what this meant for women and men.

For thousands of years women had to live with the reality that

  • their children would die if they were not nursed during the first few years of life, or if they were not in a safe environment during this time
  • their fetus would die if the woman was not in a safe environment while pregnant; a state of being which was extremely difficult for women to avoid
  • they got pregnant when they had sex (with men), and there was nothing they could do to prevent this from happening
  • they were much slower than men especially when pregnant, or worse when caring for an infant child that needed to be held and nursed
  • their infant children would die if they did not sleep next to them (protect them while sleeping) or stay close enough to them during the day (watching over them and meeting their needs)
  • they were tied to their offspring’s side for several years after it was born and could not put their kids in day care or with someone else (there was no one else and the children would be more likely to die without access to milk)

And men had to live with the fact that

  • all above was happening to women but not to them
  • they were not tied to offspring, did not need to nurse children, and never got pregnant so they never actually slowed down
  • women depended upon them, at least in part, for resources and protection while they were busy caring for kids and were therefore in a slower, less able state of being

It would make sense that an evolutionary history like this would have resulted in men and women acquiring traits that helped them to fulfill these very different roles. Women for example developed breast to nurse while men developed harder chest that could better protect their organs when they fell or were attacked. On a psychological level we most likely also developed differences based on our different roles. Women preferring to have sex with or being more turned on by a ‘’bad boy’’ or dominant male may for example be a psychological remnant of our past.

There may be many others, but they would be very difficult to confirm as it is very difficult if not impossible to distinguish which parts of our psychology are a result of biology and which parts of our psychology are a result of what we have been taught after birth.


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