Boys fail without the traditional family or community

I think males do worse in a non-traditional setting because they lack a male role-model to show them what their purpose in family life is. I cannot find the study at the moment but I once read a study that showed that males do worse in households without father figures and in houses where their mother worked when compared to households with stay at home mothers. My opinion is that this is the case because they do not have a role-model within their family and cannot properly identify their role in family life.

This affects how they plan their lives and I think it is doubly harsh on them because children naturally seek role-models and if the cannot find role-models in the home they seek it in their communities. This can lead to boys joining gangs in the worst case  and in the best case them being easily influenced by people who simply do not have their best interest at heart. So fathers, stay close to your boys. I will look for that study and add it when I find it.

This link mentions the study:

On a side note: It is my personal opinion that biology intended for males to be marginalized in settings where resources are abundant and the survival of their children is not directly dependent on their presence within the family unit.  Like I said before biology does not support life long faithfulness between one man and one woman under these conditions. I think the most natural society is one in which women care for kids alone, men do not know who is their child from who isn’t because they sleep with all women and all women sleep with them (more so when they can provide food, or if they seem like the type of male who will be able to provide food). So female headed families are natural to humans and males are naturally meant to be marginalized. This helped societies in the past because it meant that males would easily join gangs to raid other villages and be more willing to do dangerous things to protect their tribes. It also aided societies in by promoting male competitiveness causing males to bring in larger quantities of prey.

Also this article suggest that marriage may actually motive men to earn more/ work harder.


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