Biology is the mystical Patriarchy

In a time before birth-control, sex and children had a very strong correlation. And since biologically women were the ones who got pregnant it made sense for society to put a heavy importance on female purity. What a man did was less of a concern because he could not get pregnant and there was no way to prove that he got a woman pregnant or not. Females therefore became the natural gatekeepers to sex; because females paid the heaviest consequences of sex (babies).

Please understand that this is why women were expected to be virgins before marriage; after all before marriage no one could be pointed to as the father, no one could be pointed to to help her raise the child. And believe me in a time when you cannot control how often you get pregnant or when you cannot drop your infant off at a dare care because you actually have to breastfeed your child for it to stay alive, you as a woman would need help dealing with the produce from the sex you are having.

Similarly every single thing that feminism claims is a result of patriarchy can be seen to have biological roots.  Biological roots that have only now been blurred by scientific advancements like birth-control, formula and safe working conditions. The patriarchy does not exist; we are biologically different. Women were in the kitchen because it was the safest place for their children and because it made most sense and worked best for society; men could not breastfeed and there was a whole lot of work to do in that kitchen (someone had to do it). The other work, the work that men did was time consuming and dangerous and since women were busy getting pregnant, caring for babies and doing work that they could actually do with babies around they left it to the men.

Patriarchy is our biology uninfluenced by birth-control, formula and other forms of science like freezing and pumping breast milk and stopping one’s period. This does not mean that the matricentered societies were unnatural and not a result of biology (they in many ways are MORE natural to humans simply because they were a part of our evolutionary history for longer). But the patriarchy is also a part or stage in our evolution, many parts of the patriarchy were biological realities and the in the survival of the fittest sense the patriarchal society is simply more fit than the matricentered one because society is no longer dependent on the strongest most risk taking, most competitive males, but now we are also dependent on technology, how smart people are and how well we work together.

The Patriarchy is a social system where men and women generally come together and get into long lasting relationships. It is a child centered system and under past conditions it made sense for men to have more control over resources and therefore more power in these societies. This was the case because women were very busy taking care of children and doing jobs compatible with that. Men who were more free therefore took control of more of the resources, and this made sense because women needed to breastfeed and be in a safe enough position while pregnant. So male leadership was just a natural outcome of having a male/female relationship based society.

In matriarchies male/female relationships are not the standard. Males and females do not commit and so both control their own economic resources. Women are less dependent on a personal level on men in matriarchies, though still not independent of them. Both of these situations are natural and largely the result of nature, and human psychology.


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